5 Key Questions to Ask Before Buying CBD 

CBD has become the biggest trend in the world. After several years of illegal supply, the world is embracing CBD products after the legalization. CBD is popular for both medical and entertainment purposes.

As the demand and the use cases for CBD grow, so does the supply. CBD supply chains are popping up everywhere. Whether it is pharmacies, beauty shops, retail shops, or other personal care shops, you can always find someone with CBD products. The only challenge though is regulation takes time to match the demand and supply.

Here are the key questions to ask to help you purchase a safe and trustworthy product.

  • How has the CBD been extracted?

How the CBD was extracted is important for the CBD’s fitness for human consumption. Manufacturers need to source the CBD from industrial/agricultural hemp. Sourcing the products from any other marijuana is illegal.

The regulations also provide for the proper TCH levels. The ideal medical marijuana from industrial hemp should be 0.3% TCH levels or less. This is unlike the other marijuana extracts that come with around 10% TCH levels.

There are various standard CBD extraction methods like olive oil, solvent, CO2, and vapor distillation extractions. However, the best CBD comes from CO2 extraction. It involves exposing carbon dioxide composition to high temperatures and pressure. You end up with one of the cleanest CBD from the process.

  • Can you access the product’s third-party lab test results? 

Without any regulations, it is easy for companies producing the CBD to claim anything without evidence. However, for your security, you only need to use a CBD product tested by a third-party lab, and that you can access the results.

Most of the legit pot shops are willing to show you the lab results and certificate of analysis to verify statements on the packaging. Any store that does not have the tests or refuses to give access is a red flag.

  • Where is the hemp cultivated?

The other consideration when purchasing CBD is where the hemp plant originates. Only hemp grown under strict guidelines are legal as they offer the best quality. Be wary of CBD that comes from imported hemp plants. Most of them never follow any strict guidelines and can contain heavy metals and other agricultural chemicals.

  • What environment was the CBD manufactured in? 

Just like with cultivation, the environment of processing the CBD also affects quality. It is likely that a CBD produced in garages and other dingy environments will come with low quality. Such places tend to have emissions that will contaminate the CBD. For the best quality, look for hemp produced in a clean and well-controlled environment. The producing company should have proper certification.

  • How much is each serving?

The last aspect you want to assess before buying is how much of the product that you need. For example, in the initial stages, you might need like 10mg of the product. You will gradually move to higher dosages. To be sure, only purchase a well-labeled CBD product.

Bottom Line 

Purchasing CBD for the first time is an involving prospect. You have to ensure safety and quality. With all the above questions answered for every product you buy, you can have the best CBD for your use.

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