Cannabis Drinkables: Why are they Popular among Cannabis Lovers

Cannabis products are commonly eaten and smoked. But, today, cannabis can are infused in beverages such as cocktails, coffee, and tea. In fact, even some of the world’s top alcoholic beverage makers develop these drinks. Cannabis drinkables can be alcoholic and non-alcoholic. With the availability of different infusion methods, the market for these drinkables continues to grow as it meets the increasing demand of consumers.

Cannabis Drink Composition

Cannabis-infused drinks contain cannabidiol (CBD) that doesn’t have the psychoactive effects present in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). As regulations have relaxed and consumers show more interest in drinkables, manufacturers are infusing CBD into other drinks.

Moreover, cannabis drinks also contain some amounts of terpenes that offer aromatic essence for managing the bitter taste that these drinks come with. The full spectrum CBD extracted from cannabis seeds is bitter. This is the reason cannabis is infused only to selective beverage options compatible with the flavor.

What Makes Drinkables Desirable

  • Longer lasting effects. The effects of a cannabis drink cannot be felt immediately. Often, you can feel something between 30-90 minutes after consuming it. You will feel the peak effect after 2-4 hours. But, today, manufacturers have shortened the onset time of cannabis-infused beverages. With some drinkables, you can feel the effect in around ten minutes.

However, the wait is worth the reward with these products. When you start feeling the results, they will often last longer than smoked cannabis. The effects can be felt anywhere from 4-8 hours on average.

  • Better consistency. With cannabis edibles, there is a concern about the uneven distribution of cannabis across a product. You may find a cannabis edible with a double dose of cannabinoids while another batch can have a very small amount of the substance. However, this is not a concern with drinkables because of their easily mixable properties. The cannabis components produce more body-centered effects than smoking cannabis. Because of this, these products are preferred methods for treating epilepsy, muscle spasms, and other similar conditions. You can drink your beverage knowing every sip gives you more or less the same dose.

Kinds of Cannabis-Infused Beverages

Cannabis is often infused into the following types of beverages:

  • Cannabis cocktails are in demand among cannabis enthusiasts. The use of cannabis for recreational purposes has allowed serving of these cocktails in some bars.
  • Cannabis tea and coffee. Tea can allow different flavors to merge with the dry leaves. The same is true with coffee. Just look for the right strain that can flatten the coffee’s taste.
  • Cannabis soda. This is an alternative for people who don’t want to get high. Mixing this beverage with various flavors such as melon, citrus, and lemon can offer your desired results.

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