Insights from a hospital autoclave manufacturer: the importance of sterilization

Hospital autoclave manufacturers like Celitron are well placed to tell you why having the right equipment for sterilization is of crucial importance. With the improvement of medical technology, steam sterilizers have become one, if not the most popular onsite sterilization equipment. Read on to find out more about the machines hospital autoclave manufacturers can provide!

How did hospital autoclave manufacturers become so popular?

While autoclaves have undergone many modifications over the years, they have already been present since near the end of the 19th century.  The main reason for their presence (and undeniable popularity) remains unchanged: they can provide medical facilities with an extremely reliable sterilization method. As opposed to incinerators, there is absolutely no risk of air pollution as autoclaves emit no harmful substances whatsoever, and can easily be installed right at the site of the hospital, enabling staff to sterilize medical waste much more easily.

Not to mention that hospital autoclaves serve a dual purpose: apart from making medical waste disposal easier and safer, they can also sterilize all kinds of equipment and tools, which can then be used again without fear of spreading infections to either staff or patients. This makes them much more versatile than incinerators, which are certainly also effective at reducing infection risks, but can only be used to destroy waste.

How does an autoclave manufacturer meet the sterilization needs of a hospital?

A hospital needs an equipment that can fit with the necessary guidelines required to work in a sterile environment. Autoclave manufacturers provide medical facilities with machines that use high-pressure and high-temperature in order to meet these strict requirements. By creating a vacuum inside their chamber, they can reach temperatures that range between 121 and 134 degrees Celsius. By keeping up these temperature levels for about 20 minutes, they can destroy all kinds of bacteria, even those that would otherwise resist heat.

A hospital also needs a machine that can handle the amount of waste and used-up medical tools generated on a daily basis. Autoclave manufacturers can provide them with steam sterilizers that have a very large capacity so that staff may keep up with every material that needs to be sterilized onsite. In order to make it even for staff to work efficiently, some autoclave manufacturers offer machines with completely automated operation!

How should I choose a hospital autoclave manufacturer?

Hospitals should always make sure to extensively check the autoclave manufacturer’s website, and look for any specifications they can find, which may already answer most questions they have. This will also allow you to see what kind of autoclave models the manufacturers can provide: most modern sterilizers can be customized to fit your needs even better. For example, the capacity of large steam sterilizers can range from 110 liters to 880 liters!

You should also look up what kind of materials the autoclave provided by the manufacturer can handle: most hospitals need to sterilize all kinds of tools, so choosing a class B autoclave may preferable, as they are the fasters and most versatile machines out there right now.


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