Pregnancy: Understanding the Risks and Resolutions

A pregnancy is possibly one of the best things that a woman can experience. Of course, you get to give a new life into the world. However, those 9 months that you need to go through won’t be an easy journey.

So, how would you know if you are completely ready to commit to motherhood? Here, we’ll be discussing the possible risks and problems that may arise along the way. Not only that, but you’ll also know what to do in case you decide that you’re not ready for such a role just yet.

Possible Risks

After a few months into your pregnancy, you may start experiencing some minor discomforts. That’s completely normal. However, there’s also a slight chance that you’ll go through a severe illness.

One of the most common problems that women go through is hypertension. A possible effect may be preterm delivery, or worse, the infant may die. This is why it’s important not to let your blood pressure get too high during these months.

Another possible risk is anemia. If ever you start feeling weak and tired, this may already be a sign. To avoid this, you can try taking supplements to help get your red blood cell count back to normal.

Infections are a tricky problem. There are times when you won’t even know you have them, so taking preventive measures is ideal. Always washing your hands and eating the proper food could help.

Mental health problems may also cause complications to you and your baby. At times, you may have changes in your sleeping pattern, or you’d start losing appetite. Or you’d have this feeling of guilt and shame that puts you in a gloomy mood. As a result, you’d find it hard to focus on certain things. If you start experiencing these for more than a week or two, it’s best to consult your doctor.

Despite all these, nothing will compare to the feeling you’ll get upon holding your baby, yes. However, some women opt not to push through with their pregnancies and decide to get an abortion.

Considering Abortion

Do keep in mind that this process isn’t legal in all countries. When it comes to women of reproductive age, about 59% reside in countries that allow abortion. At the same time, the remaining 41% have no access to safe and legal abortion.

Last 2018, about 614,820 abortions took place. This usually happens because upon realizing that they’re pregnant, they need to choose. Either they’ll push through with it or not. There are various reasons as to why one might choose the latter.

Usually, you might think that this is only a simple yes or no, but it’s more than that. There are many things that one needs to consider before fully committing to their decision.

Why Women Choose to Do It

One of the most common reasons is because they’re too young. Of course, all of us have dreams that we want to achieve for ourselves first. May it be finishing school, being successful at work, and the like.

Another reason is that they would want the best life possible for the kids that they already have. Not everyone is capable of raising too many children, mostly because of the expenses nowadays.

As mentioned, some women have certain health problems that may complicate their pregnancy. This is something that one considers before making a choice. They might not be willing to take such a big risk that may cost them their lives.


Since there are too many factors to think of, it may be better to have someone by your side. There are family planning centers that one may choose to go to. If you happen to live in, let’s say, Chicago, Michigan, or Toronto, some professionals may help whether you’d need more information, options, or support.

Usually, if you’re in the early stages of pregnancy, an abortion pill will do. However, once you pass that time frame, you may need to go with a surgical abortion. This would depend on what the doctors recommend since certain factors, such as pre-existing conditions, may restrict you from taking the pill.

However, as much as possible, the decision should completely be up to you. Yes, they’ll guide you along your thought process, but at the end of the day, you need to have the final say.

Pregnancy is a huge step and will affect your life entirely. So, you must always take all of these factors and options into consideration. Despite what choice you make, what matters is that you know it’s what’s best for you.

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