When browsing through a cannabis dispensary’s website, you will realize that cannabis products are divided into three primary categories, namely cannabis Sativa, cannabis indica, and hybrid strains. Many consumers who don’t know the difference between them end up trying all of them to determine their effects. When you visit a cannabis dispensary that is in Kirkland Washington, the first thing the budtender asks you is which cannabis strain you prefer. Thankfully, this guide helps you understand the basics of the three main cannabis strains.

Cannabis sativa

Cannabis Sativa is a strain associated with energizing effects and an uplifting cerebral effect that enhances physical activity, creativity, and a high feeling. Many consumers experience a high stimulating effect and a head high after using cannabis Sativa strains. Many often claim that Sativa strains tend to boost creativity, sharpen focus and mitigate stress.

The common effects of cannabis Sativa strains include feeling happy, energetic, euphoric, uplifted, and productive. That is why many cannabis users prefer to use Sativa strains during the day for more focus when getting work done. Popular Sativa strains you will find in the market include amnesia haze, super lemon haze, super silver haze, green crack, sour diesel, etc.

Cannabis indica

Cannabis indica strains are associated with a full-body effect that is physically sedating and relaxing. Many consumers say that indica strains are perfect for evening relaxation with a movie or as a night dose before bed since they help mitigate insomnia.

The effects associated with indica strains include feeling relaxed, sleepy, happy, and euphoric. That is why Indicas are perfect for consuming before bedtime for a relaxing night. Popular indica strains include purple punch, blue cheese, blueberry, bubba Kush, granddaddy purple, white rhino, northern lights, etc.

Hybrid strains

Most of the cannabis strains you will find in a pot shop are hybrid strains. They are derived from both cannabis indica and Sativa and seek to provide the desirable effects of both. There has been a long history of cross-breeding indica and Sativa strains leading to the scarcity of pure indica and Sativa strains. In fact, most strains referred to as Sativa or indica are cross-breed strains with genetics inherited from both, with one strain being predominant.

Because hybrids derive their genetics from Sativa and indica, their effects differ from one strain to another depending on the predominant genetics. But common effects include relaxing, euphoric, uplifting, or a happy effect depending on the hybrid strain you use and the effect of its parent plant.

Reviewing the lineage of a hybrid strain is the only way to know the effects it is likely to produce before consuming. If it has more indica genetics, it will produce more relaxing body effects, while a Sativa hybrid will produce more energizing body effects. Common hybrid strains include white widow, OG kush, blue dream, gelato, pineapple express, etc.

The final words

Whether purchasing cannabis buds, edibles, tinctures, oils, or vapes, knowing the strain is very important as it helps you understand the effects you are likely to feel after use. Also, a knowledgeable budtender can guide you towards the right strain for your needs depending on the effect you are after.

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