This Indoor Cycling App Makes for an Interesting Game

Vingo, the latest indoor cycling app is changing the work-out world forever. The neo normal has arrived and with it we enter the virtual world of fitness. If you are a fitness buff who likes to cycle at the comfort of your home, you’re in for a treat. On Vingo, you get to explore all your favourite places across the world all the while you work-out on your exercise bike. Here’s how Vingo works.

Vingo Creates a Virtual World

Vingo creates a virtual world around you, where you can explore, train, meet new people, and socialise with them. And you can do that when you’re on your bike at your own home. All you have to do is, install the app on your phone or your smart TV and place the screen in front of your bike. You can easily connect the app with your bike via Bluetooth. This will be helpful for the app to keep pace with your movements. When you begin cycling, you can select your favourite location from the app. The app will take you into the location where you can create your own avatar and build your own world around you!

Begin Playing the Game

When it comes to indoor cycling, it could be better with some challenges, right? Because that’s what you can create on Vingo, a challenging exercise routine. Once you create your avatar with your selfie, you can add other effects to yourself. You can put on matching outfits, a great cycle your avatar can ride on, glasses, helmets, knee-pads and so on. You can even add your pets to your avatar so they won’t be left out of the game. Now begins the challenge. You can select the difficulty level on your location, along with other settings such as timers, pace monitors, and so on and start cycling. Your exercise bike might be at the same regular settings, but the scenery around you while you cycle will make you push your limits in your mind.

Challenge Yourself Like Professionals

Vingo is more than an app for virtual fitness or online cycling, it is an end to end platform that includes a virtual world & a social network. On Vingo, you can find professional cyclists, amateurs, and enthusiasts in the game. 

All of them are here for one purpose, to make their work-out sessions more fun and more productive. You can talk with them through the app using voice chat and in no time at all you will be sharing tips with them and get guided by them into getting fit. You can meet more new people, join them in communities and take part in the games and challenges in them. This is why you can get all the urgent care that is required to improve your cycling in Vingo.

Vingo is a real gaming experience from where you live. You can invite all your friends to join you in these communities too. The great part about this is that you do all this, right in your home, whenever you want to!

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