Tips on How to maintain curly hair

There are different types of hair prevalent in the world. The amount of curl determines the kind of hair in the hair. For instance, there is straight hair, wavy, curl, and coil hair.  Notably, the types are further subdivided into categories depending on the tightness and looseness of the curls or coils. Moreover, they could be divided into different categories, for instance, 4C and 4A. One could have a 4C type on the entire head and type 4A on the edges.

Additionally, the amount of curl in one’s hair is determined by the shape of the hair follicles. Oval and asymmetrical hair follicles present more curly hair. Curly hair, unlike straight hair, requires more attention. Curly hair tends to dry quickly and lack moisture, thus growing to need more attention.

Read on to get tips on how to maintain curly hair.

  1. Get the right shampoo and conditioner

When trying to maintain curly hair and manage it, ensure you use the right shampoo for curly hair. Some shampoos are meant only for curly hair. They will help in ensuring they do not manage your hair. Secondly, cleaning your hair every day provides the use of mild shampoos containing cleansing and moisturizing agents to avoid damage. However, it is important to use stronger clarifying shampoos to ensure all the dirt and grease are out for extra dirty and greasy hair. Also, these strong shampoos should be used once a week or in two weeks. Then they should be followed by conditioners to help lock in moistures. Moreover, one can get advice from curly hair salons such as curly hair salon sf.

  1. One can use the pre-shampoo treatment method.

Most people believe that conditioning should be done after shampoo. On the contrary, one can use conditioning before and after a shampoo. This is applicable primarily to coarse, curly hair. In most cases, coarse and curly hair tends to lose moisture faster than other types of hair. Therefore conditioning before helps to preserve hair strands from being stripped of their natural oils by shampoo. Thus one may consider using a pre-shampoo method, especially if they have coarse and curly hair.

  1. Use cold water.

When washing curly hair, it is essential to use cold water. This is because the use of hot water makes the hair dry faster. After all, it strips out all the moisture. The use of cold water helps retain all the moisture in the hair.

  1. Choose the right brush or comb

Curly hair may be hard to comb. Using a fine-tooth comb may be harmful to your hair and cause damage. Therefore it is necessary to ensure you are using the right comb when dealing with curly hair. Using a wide-tooth comb will help break out the knots. Also, detangling curly hair when it is wet or in the shower will help detangle. Moreover, curly hair can be combed when the conditioner is still in to soak in all strands of the hair and make it easy to search through.

In conclusion, naturally curly hair may seem complicated to maintain since it can tangle easily and dry out fast. However, with the above tips keeping curly hair shouldn’t be too hard.

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