Traveling to Michigan With Cannabis? Here are Essential Points you Must Know

Even if cannabis continues to be legalized in different states, it is still considered illegal by the federal government. That means it is a bit difficult to travel with cannabis across the United States. If you are traveling to Michigan, then you are lucky, the city has legalized weed and you can access it in any recreational dispensary. However, you need to comply with the laws regardless of the itinerary you choose. Whether you are traveling by plane or road, the following are essentials you must know about.

Flying with Cannabis

Although this might sound the most difficult, it is probably the easiest way to travel around Michigan with cannabis. Remember, you don’t have to deal with the patrols on the road. However, for you to be on the safe side, it is important to ensure you observe the following:

  • Divide the Stash into Portions

According to TSA rules, you are not carrying a large amount of cannabis. So, if you are worried that your weed is too much to be in one bag, it is advisable to distribute it in your bags. However, remember the allowed amount of weed to travel with. If you feel you have not packed enough, you can always get more at a quality dispensary in Lapeer Michigan.

  • Don’t Put Cannabis in Checked Bags

It may sound safer to put your cannabis in a checked bag. However, the truth is, checked bags tend to be searched more. Instead, if you have made joints, you can put them in a cigarette pack. Just make sure you don’t pack too much of it.

  • Avoid Oils and Choose Edibles and Flower

When you decide to visit Michigan, it is best to avoid traveling with oil cannabis products. Instead, choose cartridges, edibles, and flowers. Traveling with these products is less risky compared to oils and other liquids.

  • Comply with TSA Guidelines

There is a specific amount of cannabis that TSA allows you to carry. Once you carry more than that and you get flagged, you might have some explaining to do. If you have to carry liquids, make sure they are not over 3 ounces. Just pack your weed well, and you might be a bit safer.

Driving with Cannabis

Driving around Michigan with weed can be a bit harder for you. You will get pulled over most times, and your car searched. So, if you want to be safe, do the following.

  • Don’t Get High and Drive

This is an obvious point. When driving, make sure you don’t do it under the influence of cannabis. It will be treated just like any other road offense, and you might get convicted.

  • Keep a Discreet Storage Space

If you decide to carry weed in your car, make sure you have somewhere safe where you can keep it. There are many accessories for safekeeping but if you don’t want to spend extra money, always find a solution.

  • Carry Less Weed

You are likely to land into problems on your way. The more weed you carry, the more risk you are facing. So, it is best to carry less amount.

Final Thoughts!

These are essential points you should bear in mind when traveling around Michigan. It is best you know the rules of the area before you travel with cannabis. If you don’t carry enough, Michigan has numerous places you can purchase your cannabis.

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