What to know about Whole Plant Hemp Extract

Most CBD products are extracted from the entire plant not just some of its parts. Whole plant CBD products contain ALL the various active CBD components in the entire hemp plant used to make your item. These include the CBD oil (precursor) and any CBD derivatives. Usually, these extracts are also called whole plant CBD extracts. However, legally speaking, there is no restriction on whole plant hemp products as long as they contain less than, if not exactly, 0.3%, THC by mass.

It should be noted that CBD products do not necessarily contain pure CBD; they may contain low amounts of CBD-derivatives and terpenes. Terpenes and CBD are synergists. When consumed together, they create an entourage effect which is greater than the therapeutic effects of each individual component.

Legally, you cannot use CBD as an “entourage effect” in any way because it can never become illegal again. The US government has recently reclassified CBD as Schedule II. This means it has some medicinal purposes but it can’t be smoked. Whole plant extracts contain the highest concentrations of CBD and therefore they are considered most effective.

In order to be legal, CBD must contain fewer than 0.3% of THC. If it contains more than this amount, it is not considered medicinal. Therefore, any product that contains THC is considered to be in violation of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). You may have heard the expression “you can’t get caught with pot”, but that is what it really means – you can’t get caught with CBD. In other words, if the product has more than 0.3% of THC it is not allowed in carry-on luggage or even in the United States.

While THC and CBD are considered illegal, many companies are looking towards using less potent forms of cannabis in their products. Many companies are working on lab tests to produce CBD isolates that are nearly one hundred percent similar to THC. Currently, these isolates contain only THC and CBD. While there is much to learn about CBD, many companies are still looking for pure CBD products that can be purchased in dosages below ten milligrams per millimeter of height. Companies have shown great interest in this area and continue to develop testing for lower concentrations of THC and CBD.

Recently, a California based company announced that they had located a pure CBD isolate. It was discovered during a routine clinical investigation of a child with severe epilepsy. The doctors were able to reduce the number of seizures the child had by reducing the number of epileptic seizures he had. Currently, the company is working on clinical trials with this new technology. While CBD products are not yet available publicly, we will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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