Xponential Fitness Franchisees Share Secrets to Success in the Boutique Fitness Industry

As the world’s largest franchisor of boutique fitness brands, Xponential Fitness has built an impressive portfolio of nine distinct wellness concepts, spanning various modalities from Pilates and barre to cycling and yoga. With over 3,000 studios open and licenses for more than 62 various studios across 49 U.S. states and 24 countries, Xponential has established itself as a powerhouse in the fitness industry.

But what sets Xponential apart is its size and scope and its ability to empower aspiring entrepreneurs to thrive in the challenging world of small business. Franchisees ardently point to the comprehensive support and resources provided by Xponential’s corporate team as a critical factor in their success.

“The support you get from Xponential is really what sets it apart,” said Hayes Havener, a longtime Pure Barre and CycleBar franchisee in Florida. This sentiment is echoed by franchisees across Xponential’s brands, who appreciate the step-by-step guidance and access to marketing and studio development experts.

However, owning an Xponential franchise is not a guarantee of success. Beth Georgunit, a multi-brand franchisee in California, notes, “Buying a franchise does not mean everyone will be successful. Opening or running a multi-brand is hard work—just like any other business.”

So, what separates successful franchisees from those who struggle? According to Xponential franchisees, adaptability, hardness, just earning, and a relentless focus on the customer are all crucial attributes.

“Get comfortable being uncomfortable,” advises Georges. You will be challenged, defeated, and want to give up. The more you learn not to take things personally and not get upset, the better you will adapt to the constantly changing environment known as entrepreneurship.”

Equally important is a commitment to ongoing education and learning from those who have constantly walked the path before. “The best plan for success, especially as a franchisee, is to lean in and learn from those who know more and have more success,” says Georges.

Customer focus is also paramount. “At the heart of your business is the customer,” Georges emphasizes. “Make sure you know what your customer wants. Watch for signs that your customer base is shifting. Provide the best customer service possible. Building a solid sense of community among fellow franchisees and within individual studio teams is another key to success. Georges describes the value of having a core group of owners to compare notes with and seek advice, as well as the importance of hiring good people and helping them realize their dreams.

“Know what is important to your staff, especially your key employees. Help them realize their dreams. In doing so, help your business grow and thrive,” she says.

As franchisees expand to multiple locations, the ability to build and empower a strong team becomes even more critical. “When we had only one studio, it was easier for me to ‘just do it myself,'” notes Georges. “But the owner can’t do it all with five, six, or more locations.”

Ultimately, while Xponential’s multi-brand approach and robust support owner can only do it, some systems can help lower barriers for aspiring fitness entrepreneurs; such a multi-brand requires hard work, adaptability, and sound business practices. And, as Georges advises, it helps to build a business around a fitness practice you are genuinely passionate about.

“If you are looking at franchises that you might consider buying, my suggestion is to buy into something that genuinely fuels your passion,” she says. “Yes, some people just buy to fuel their love of money. But I have found that if you are passionate about the work you do in your business, the work is more fun. And that’s the ultimate success — making great money doing something you love!”