4 Health Habits for a Natural Glow

If you’re trying to reach several health and wellness goals this year, it can be difficult to stay on track with so many targets.  Imagine if you could lower your stress, firm up your body, and get your glowing skin by making one or two life changes. Not only is this possible, but it is easier than you think! Read on to learn about how four common health habits can also bring serious beauty benefits.

Stay Fully Hydrated

You’re probably aware that drinking water throughout the day is good for your health. If you’re like most people, you still aren’t drinking enough. Most Americans drink five or fewer glasses per day, far lower than the recommended daily intake. Chronic dehydration can lead to significant side effects.

For example, if you don’t replenish the water in your body, it can impact all of your cells. Your skin may appear dull and dry.

Even worse, it can lose some of its elasticity. This makes it easier for wrinkles to set in. However, if you up your water consumption and meet the half-gallon per day threshold, you will notice a host of benefits.  Drinking more water will plump up your cells and give your skin a more youthful appearance.

If you are having difficulty drinking water throughout the day, you can make changes to your routine. You can purchase a portable flask to ensure you always have access to water. As busy schedules are one of the most common reasons for low water intake, you can use an app to remind you to take a sip at frequent intervals.

If you dislike the taste of water, you add a few drops of sugar-free flavor additive to your glass. You can also prepare an infusion by adding limes, oranges, or cucumbers to a water pitcher and leaving it in the fridge overnight.

Take Your Vitamins

Skincare routines often focus on the outer layers. However, maintaining clear and glowing skin is equally an inside job. Vitamin deficiencies and hormone imbalances are some of the most common reasons for dull skin.

For example, many people are deficient in Vitamin D, a naturally-occurring substance produced when the skin interacts with sunlight. This is attributed to a lot of factors, including living in a cold climate and spending many daylight hours indoors. People with darker skin also need many more hours of sun exposure to produce adequate amounts of vitamin D.

Without vitamin D to support cell regeneration, the skin starts to look lifeless. Often, people with vitamin D deficiency will develop dark circles around their eyes. A daily multivitamin with at least 400 mg of vitamin D can safely boost your levels. If you have a higher risk of vitamin D deficiency, a blood test can assess if you need a higher dose.

Hormones such as testosterone and progesterone can also make an impact on your skin. When levels are balanced, your skin will appear clear and smooth.

Unfortunately, many events, like pregnancy, menopause, or menstruation can cause hormone imbalances and serious breakouts. A daily supplement formulated to rebalance hormones like MINDBODYSKIN can bring your body back into equilibrium.

Follow Good Sleep Hygiene

A restful night’s sleep does more than improve your mood and your concentration. It can also slow the progression of natural signs of aging, like fine lines and sagging.

When you get fewer than seven hours of sleep per night, your body becomes sleep deprived. This can set off your body’s stress response, which increases systemic inflammation and raises cortisol levels.

None of these reactions are good news for your skin. When your body is highly-stressed, it lowers immune system function. As a result, there is less resistance against harmful pollutants like free radicals that can destroy healthy cells.

Luckily, most of the damage caused by sleep deprivation is reversible with a solid sleep routine. You can make it easier to fall and stay asleep by avoiding blue light devices at least an hour before your bedtime. Also, doing a relaxing evening activity, like drinking tea or reading a calming book will prime your body for rest.

Break a Sweat

Performing at least 150 hours per week of physical exercise improves your heart health and also lowers your risk of chronic disease. A surprising immediate benefit of hitting your fitness goals is that you will also give your skin a youthful glow.

Since perspiration can contribute to breakouts, it may be hard to believe that exercise has any skin health benefits. However, heart-rate raising exercises infuse higher levels of oxygen into the bloodstream. This extra-oxygenated blood brings additional nourishment to the skin cells and promotes regeneration.

To see the full benefits, it is important to follow a thorough skin cleansing routine after your workout. Use a mild cleanser or wipe to remove dirt, sweat, and oil. Follow up with a splash of cold water to reduce pores. Since exercise can heighten skin sensitivity, skip heavy creams and moisturizers. Instead, pat your face dry and apply a cooling gel or mist toner to combat irritation.

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