Choosing a FUE clinic

Hair loss is a significant source of worry, especially among young adults and middle aged men and women. Research has shown that approximately 50% of men in the UK have a degree of hair loss when they’ve attained thirty-five. Hair surgery is a life-changing experience that will change your appearance and restore your smile. The procedure allows the hair transplant specialist to restore hair to the thinning areas.

However, there are many hair transplant clinics, most of which are not genuine. Thus you must choose carefully. Following are some of the things you must know when choosing a transplant clinic

Know the surgeon

Before you book for the hair transplant procedure, you must get the lead surgeon’s details who will do the procedure. Get details from their website on their area of specialty. You must check their academic certificate for proof of their expertise. You need someone with specialized training in FUE and dermatology. Their profile should show how many patients they’ve been able to attend.

Book for a meeting with the surgeon before the procedure – that way, you’ll be able to know if the surgeon is the right guy for you. Most importantly, you should be free to decline a specialist and demand an alternative.

Find out if the staff are experienced.

You can have the most qualified surgeon in the world, but if the staff members surrounding him are inefficient, he/ she will look subpar. The clinic may have the right equipment, but if the technical staff skills want, that will affect the outcome. Ask around the staff qualifications and experience. Nurses and other technicians should be familiar with the process and should give proof of their training. Do not accept to be attended by people with questionable experience. You should meet the team involved in the procedure- that way, you’ll get familiar and develop a rapport.

How the clinic equipped?

You need a Fue Clinic that is furnished with the latest technologies and instruments for easy procedure. The devices used depend on the FUE procedure carried out. You need to know if the surgery is robotic or manual. It’s good you find out the procedure to be followed by the surgeon and the machines used. Do they have documented evidence on the success of similar procedures?

Preferred hair transplant procedure

There are two standard procedures used in hair transplant; the Follicular Unit Transplantation) FUT and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).  The outcome of restoration will depend on the method you choose. FUT typically leaves a scar that could limit the hairstyle you can do, and if done correctly, it hardly leaves a visible scar and, therefore, the most preferred by most of the clients.

FUE pricing is standard the world over; however, different clinics charge differently depending on the equipment they use and other overheads outlined in their offers. Thus you need to compare various clinics. Most importantly, don’t choose one because of the price, but the priority should be enough equipment and human resources.

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