Everything you need to know about cannabis super cropping

Cannabis super cropping is a farming technique that involves trimming the top branches to induce growth. The cannabis branches will automatically grow horizontally after cropping. The primary bud will be exposed to light, thus making those areas grow faster.  It is conducted mostly at the growth stage when the plant has grown a lot of branches. Super cropping is a major advantage to cannabis growers as they will produce high yields of this product. If you are a cannabis farmer, you can easily go through any cannabis super cropping blog to guide you through the entire process.

Here is an overview of the cannabis super cropping

How cannabis super cropping works

Firstly you will know how cannabis plants produce resin during their growth. Resins help protect the plant when growing. It contains substances like THC Tetrahydrocannabinol. The higher the content of the resin, the higher the chance of plant protection. The cannabis leaves entail glands that produce tiny droplets of resins. The heat from the sun makes the resins spill over to the buds and leaves. This mechanism helps protect the plant from dehydration and even extreme temperature.

Impact of super cropping

Super cropping increases the number of resins in cannabis hence making the buds heavier. This also makes the plant stronger hence producing more yields. The plant also becomes wider, making it easy to use light more effectively. This is because the surface area is increased, thus making it easier for the plant to absorb light. The trained spots during this process recover within few days, forming a knot that provides extra support when branches develop buds. They will support the overall weight of the plant’s buds and even the structure of the entire plant. Supper cropping also helps in maximizing indoor space in case the plant is planted in the house.  This makes the plant look good and attractive since it is not bushy.

How to supper crop

Before supper cropping, there are several considerations you have to put in place. Here are some of the considerations.

  • Auto-flowering cannabis plants do not require super cropping since they are capable of growing at a faster rate. Unfortunately, as a result, they have no time to recover from stress and injury.
  • The ideal time to super crop is when the cannabis plant is 3-4 weeks into the vegetative stage.
  • Choose a soft stem that grows upwards when super cropping.

Steps involved in super cropping

  1. Choose the shoots. Please start the process with only a few branches to test how the cannabis plant reacts to check whether it can tolerate high-stress levels.
  2. Squeeze and bend the side shoots between your thumb and index figure. The best place to super crop your cannabis plant is between the two leaf nodes of a branch. Be careful to avoid breaking the stem.
  3. Mend the external tears and tie branches. Being a first-timer in most cases, you can damage the outer tissues during the process. However, you can mend the tissue using grafting tape. The plant will eventually recover from the fracture.

Final words

In conclusion, cannabis super cropping has innumerable benefits to the plant. The above article clearly illustrates how to go about the entire process. The process does not require any special tools or even more advanced farming skills.

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