How To Train Your Budtenders To Sell Cannabis Effectively

For a weed store to be profitable, it needs to have great budtenders. Though some people are naturally talented at closing sales, most of your budtenders may need some training to become great salespeople. It’s possible to hire qualified salespersons. However, they aren’t easy to find. Therefore, to keep your dispensary well staffed, you need to employ teachable budtenders who’re willing to learn the ropes of helping patients and then train them to be great at sales. This article highlights some tips you can follow in preparing your budtenders to be amazing salespeople. Here are some of them:

  1. Find Their Areas Of Weakness

Though budtenders may have some knowledge and skills about the cannabis trade, they may also have some weaknesses. Through a formal training process, you can identity your budtenders’ strengths and weaknesses. You shouldn’t approach budtender training using one method – it’s not a one size fits all thing. Instead, you should explore ways that can bring out the potential of every budtender in your company.

Apart from leveraging on your budtenders’ weaknesses, you can assign them to departments based on their potentials. For instance, some budtenders may be knowledgeable about cannabis strains and genetics, while others may know how to answer customer questions such as how to find the best weed store near me. These strengths can help you to place budtenders either at the sales, HR, or PR department. Additionally, you could place budtenders who have charisma and personality to the sales department.

Gathering information about budtenders’ knowledge and skills can help you in developing training programs. It’s suitable to find programs that can strengthen your budtenders’ areas of weaknesses. This way, you’ll increase productivity and boost sales.

  1. Develop A Training Budget

For your budtenders to get high-quality training, they need to have experienced trainers. The instructor and the curriculum impact the training results significantly. Therefore, to get the best trainers, you may need to invest more.

While forming the budget, don’t cut costs. Remember to get a return on investment from the sale of your products, and your budtenders need to be great at sales and make patients happy. If you don’t get good trainers and curriculum, you may risk losing repeat customers and acquiring new customers.

The training process shouldn’t be a one-off thing. Instead, your staff should be continually trained to refresh their skills and knowledge. Some experts recommend setting a training budget that’s equal to half of your marketing budget. Marketing is an excellent tool for acquiring customers. However, if your budtenders don’t know how to handle your customers, your investments may be worthless.

You also need to determine the number of training hours that each budtender needs per month. Multiplying that by their regular hourly salary can help you come up with a reasonable training budget. If you have budtenders whose wages are low, using this method may drain your dispensary of resources. In such a case, you’ll need to check the amount of money you have in your account and establish a budget for training you can afford to finance.

The Bottom-line

A human resource is a powerful tool for improving sales. That’s why you need to train your budtenders to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills for propelling your business. Identifying their areas of weakness and establishing a training budget that suits their needs is a great way to start.

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