7 Things You’ll Learn In A First Aid Training Course

Learning first aid skills is something that everyone should be doing, no matter what profession or lifestyle you may lead. Being prepared for the unexpected and understanding how to respond confidently in a difficult situation can mean the difference between life and death! Taking a first aid training course is an essential part of being properly equipped to help those around us if an emergency were to occur. Here are 7 key things you’ll learn from attending one.

ONE – The primary assessment: Learning how to assess the level of consciousness, breathing, and circulation of an injured or ill person is crucial. Upon arrival at the scene, checking the airway for any obstructions, breathing for abnormalities, and performing CPR are lifesaving skills that are necessary in a medical emergency.

TWO – Treating wounds: Learning how to stop bleeding, dress wounds, and care for burns are basic skills that can prevent infection and promote quick healing. One key technique is to use direct pressure with a sterile dressing to stem the bleeding, followed by elevation and immobilisation of the injured body part.

THREE – Handling fractures and dislocations: In a first aid course, you will learn how to determine if a bone is broken or dislocated, how to prevent further injury, and how to immobilise the injured limb using splints or slings.

FOUR – Understanding shock and allergic reactions: Shock is a medical emergency that results from decreased blood flow to vital organs. Recognising and treating the signs of shock such as pale skin, rapid pulse, and shallow breathing is important to preserve the person’s life. You will also learn how to recognise and respond to allergic reactions by using EpiPens, administering antihistamines, and monitoring vital signs.

FIVE – Dealing with poisoning: A comprehensive first aid course will teach you how to respond to a person who might have ingested a poisonous substance. The course will detail how to identify various signs of poisoning and what to do in critical situations.

SIX – Handling medical emergencies: A first aid training course will prepare you to respond to a variety of medical emergencies such as seizures, asthma attacks, and heart attacks. This training will teach you how to identify those symptoms and provide necessary support until medical help arrives.

SEVEN – Prioritising care: A significant part of first aid training involves prioritising care. Knowing how to assess a person’s chief complaint and responding appropriately is essential in a life-threatening situation. This training will teach you how to remain calm, make informed decisions, and provide quick, appropriate care to those in need.

The Benefits Of A First Aid Training Course

A First Aid Training Course is undoubtedly one of the most critical skills that anyone can learn. The main benefit of completing a First Aid Training Course is that it helps individuals to become better equipped to handle emergencies and provide effective assistance to those in need. It is a well-known fact that accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, and having someone with the knowledge of First Aid techniques could potentially save a life.

Moreover, First Aid Training Courses also teach individuals how to remain calm and collected in emergencies. Particularly when an accident occurs, people tend to panic, making it difficult to think clearly and act rationally. First Aid Training provides practical experience and knowledge, allowing individuals to approach an emergency with a clear mind and a quick response.

Another significant advantage of completing a First Aid Training Course is the ability to increase one’s employability prospects. Many employers today require their employees to undergo proper First Aid Training, regardless of their job type or position. Thus, having a First Aid certification demonstrates to employers that an individual is reliable, responsible, and prepared to handle emergencies in their workplace.

Lastly, First Aid Training Courses help individuals learn how to prevent accidents from happening in the first place. Participants are taught how to identify potential hazards, how to take the necessary precautions to prevent accidents, and how to respond to emergencies as they unfold. This proactive mindset helps individuals to take steps to mitigate risks and make their environment a safer place for everyone.

How Long Does A First Aid Course Take And How Much Does It Cost?

When it comes to first aid courses in Australia, the duration and cost may vary depending on the provider and level of certification. Generally, a basic first aid course can take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours, while more comprehensive courses such as Advanced First Aid or Mental Health First Aid can take up to 2-3 days. The cost of a first aid course can also vary, ranging from approximately $90 to $300+. It is important to note that some employers may cover the cost of these courses for their employees. Furthermore, it is highly beneficial to invest time and money into becoming certified in first aid as it equips individuals with life-saving skills and knowledge in emergencies. Whether it is for personal or professional development, undertaking a first aid course can provide individuals with invaluable skills and the confidence to respond in a timely and effective manner during unforeseen emergencies.


By attending first aid training gold coast, everyone has the potential to be lifesavers for themselves or someone else in need of help. The skills learnt will provide safety and security not just for you, but for your family and friends, shielding all from harm’s way as best you can. Knowing how to react appropriately in an emergency situation can make all the difference and potentially steer away from disaster. Taking the proper precautions with first aid courses is always worth it, no matter what form of risk goes hand-in-hand with living life. Being prepped and ready is always far better than fumbling through unknown waters when it comes to uncertain situations; protect yourself and those around you by taking a first aid course today! For the most comprehensive first aid courses on the Coast, contact the friendly team at Paradise First Aid!

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