A Guide to The Best Cannabis Strains for All Beginners

An awful first experience with weed can be reason enough to stop using weed products altogether. In most cases, the reason is due to anxiety and the purported side effects of marijuana. Nonetheless, there are various ways to minimize unpleasant feelings. And you can achieve this by choosing the right Bongs at cannabis stores. Here are weed strains to help you get a great fist experience:

Here are weed strains to help you get a great fist experience:

  1. God’s gift

God’s gift is a popular strain in most cannabis dispensaries. It’s famous for its citrus, grape and hash flavors that offer that blissful and dreamy effect for full relaxation. God’s gift is also god for home growers and takes 8-9 weeks to mature.

  1. ABCD

The ABCD cannabis strain is CBD dominant and produces minimal or no intoxicating effects. Patients mostly use it to cure ailments such as pain, anxiety and epilepsy, and chemotherapy effects. ABCD is a great stain for new weed consumers who shy away from using products with high THC levels.

  1. Blue dream

If you’re seeking that full-body relaxation effect, the Blue dream strain makes an ideal choice. It’s a Sativa dominant strain created by crossing blueberry and haze. It’s ideal for both beginners and veteran weed consumers, thanks to its calming and euphoric effects. That’s not all, though! Blue dream comes with a sweet-smelling flavor similar to that of sweet berries. It’s also useful for offering relief from pain, nausea and depression in medical marijuana patients.

  1. Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a combination of Haze hybrid, Northern lights, Siva skunk and Sensi seeds. It boasts of rich genetic background and variations, all with unique features and effects. If you’re seeking a gentle mood lift, Jack Herer might be the solution. It’s highly refreshing and allows you to enjoy a minimal high without overstimulation.

  1. Hindu Kush

The Hindu Kush is an Indica strain that offers slightly different effects from other Indica strains. It’s more uplifting and offers a higher euphoric effect compared to other Indica strains. The Hindu Kush plant can survive different environments and grows tall like other Sativas in lower altitudes.

In higher altitudes, it’s short and bushy like an Indica plant. The Hindu Kush is favorite among many beginners thanks to its spicy, earthy and vanilla flavor. However, sleepiness is a potent effect of this strain. And I always ask whether there are other major effects when shopping from any marijuana Dispensary Near Me.

  1. Cinex

Cinex is a hybrid marijuana strain slightly dominant on Sativa. It features a sweet aroma and a dash of earthy undertones. Its flavors range from a sweet, citrus, skunk, and earthy and offer uplifting effects, joy and laughter.

 The effects are quite enjoyable and will lift your mood leaving you more inspired and focused. What’s more? Cinex is a strong painkiller and is useful for dulling migraines and arthritis. The strain is widely used in the treatment of depression, PTSD, and bipolar disorder.

The bottom line

All cannabis users get varying experiences. What works for one person may be different from another. To get excellent results, start with low doses and increase gradually to achieve the desired effect. Also, acquire your weed products from accredited marijuana dispensaries.

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