Chordee Repair: Finding Urologist For Chordee Correction Surgery

Chordee is a condition where tissue bands pull on the penis, making it appear curved or bent. It is especially noticeable during erection. Chordee normally occurs in children with hypospadias.

Hypospadias is a condition that is present at birth where the urine duct isn’t at the top of the penis but on the underside. The urine duct may be located in of these places:

  • Right under the tip of the penis
  • Along the bottom of the penis shaft
  • Where the penis is attached to the scrotum

This can lead to issues with passing while urine standing up. In addition to that, it can affect sexual function. Because of this, chordee repair is recommended.

Symptoms of chordee

The most visible symptom of chordee is a sharp curve of the penis, either upward or downward.  For people with hypospadias, their urine may splash or go in an unpremeditated direction when urinating. However, this symptom does not occur in all patients.

Other symptoms of chordee include:

  1. Penile torsion

In some children, the midline raphe located on the bottom of the penis shaft wraps around the penis. This wrapping is what can cause the penis curved into a downward angle.

  1. Skin tethering

This is when the tissue around the urethra near the tip of the penis is very thin.

  1. Webbed penis

This is when the skin on the bottom of the penis shaft is connected to the scrotum skin.

  1. Dorsal preputial hood

This happens when the foreskin doesn’t cover the entire head of the penis- the foreskin just covers the top half of the penis.

What causes chordee?

The exact cause of chordee is unknown. However, the most common cause could be that the penis doesn’t develop properly in the womb. A penis abnormality, skin defect, or any other defect is present that leads to a curved appearance, which is most visible during erection.

How can chordee be corrected?

Thankfully, chordee is a condition that can be corrected through surgery. Depending on the severity of the condition, the repair can be done in either one or two operations. In addition to that, the best age to undergo chordee repair surgery depends on the size of the penis as well as the degree of the penile defect. But the surgery is usually recommended even to 6 months old babies. The surgery is done to straighten the shaft as well as get rid of the hooded foreskin. The surgery is usually done under either local or general anesthetic. Antibiotics are also usually administered before the surgery and after the surgery.

Possible post-surgery complications

Swelling and bruising of the penis may occur, and it can last for a few days. It may take even up to six weeks for the penis to regain its final shape and appearance. In addition to that, the exposed penis glans will also become very sensitive for the first two weeks. The exposed penis glans can also dry out and scab over. Fortunately, putting Vaseline can help heal this and even reduce the sensitivity after the operation. The surgery is usually performed by a urologist. But how can you find the right urologist for a successful surgery?

Finding the right urologist for chordee repair surgery

Finding the right urologist for chordee corrective surgery can be such a daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to start from. Here are tips to help you find the right urologist for chordee repair surgery.

  1. Ask for recommendations

One of the first things you need to do when looking for a urologist for your child’s chordee repair surgery is to ask for recommendations. You can ask your family doctor to recommend you a urologist. You can also ask your family and friends to recommend to you any urologist they may know. Then you can compile a list of the recommended urologist.

  1. Research the urologists’ credentials

Once you have a list of the recommended urologists, it is time to focus on serious matters. One of these things is the urologist’s credentials. You need to determine if the urologist is qualified and fully trained in chordee repair surgery. The last thing you want is to let an unqualified urologist perform the surgery. This can only lead to a huge mess.

  1. Consider their experience

The experience level of the urologist is equally important as their qualifications. Chordee is a major surgery that requires extensive experience and skills to make it a success. To gauge the experience level of the urologist in regards to chordee corrective surgery, ask the urologists, how many chordee corrective surgeries he or she has performed, the success rate, and how severe the erectile defect was. Getting answers to these questions can help you determine how experienced the urologist is when it comes to correcting chordee.

  1. Read online reviews

It is also good to know what people are saying about the urologist before anything. You can achieve this by reading online reviews or testimonials. This can give you a better idea of how the doctor handles his or her patients. Reading online reviews can help you make a more informed decision about choosing that particular urologist.

  1. Know what your insurance covers

The cost of the chordee surgery can be very high depending on the severity of the condition, the urologist’s experience as well as his or her reputation.  The top urologists who have built extensive experience and reputation in the field tend to charge higher. So you need to be sure that your insurance covers the cost of the surgery.

Final thoughts

Chordee is a common condition that affects 1 of every 200 births of male children. Thankfully, it is a condition that can be corrected. But if you want a high success rate and reduce surgical complications, you must choose a qualified and experienced urologist. Follow the above tips, and you will surely find the right urologist for a successful chordee corrective surgery.

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