Fitness New Year’s Resolution? Here is How a Swimming Pool Can Help You Achieve That Goal!

A study shows that nearly 54% of people who make a New Year’s resolution fail to keep it after six months. This is more true for people who make a fitness-related resolution. Everyone wants to be fit and healthy. This is important more so since people are nowadays more at home during the pandemic. Being fit is essential to remain healthy. This is why people make a resolution to exercise daily to be fit. It is easy to make a resolution but keeping it is tough.

This is because people join a fitness class, a gym, or a yoga class to be fit. They need to wake up early, get ready, and go to class. While people stick to the schedule for the first few weeks, later on, they begin to lose interest. Traveling early in the morning can be a problem. If the session is in the evening, they are probably tired after work and not in a mood to attend. If you are really determined to achieve your fitness resolution, then the best way to do this is by having a swimming pool in your home. This ensures you have no excuse to avoid being fit, let’s see how!

  1. Having a pool ensures it is easy to be fit

Getting ready and going out to a gym or a Zumba session can be practically difficult. If you have a pool at your home, it becomes very convenient. You don’t have to get dressed nor do you have to travel. Your pool is your gym and fitness class. It makes exercise easy and convenient. You can do it first thing in the day or any time you want, even late in the night. Just go to the backyard and take a swim to be fit.

  1. Swimming is the best way to be fit

When you swim in your pool, it is the best way to be fit. All you need to do is swim a few laps. Swimming is one of the exercises that work on all your body muscles. Swimming is a cardio exercise that helps you get your heart racing. It helps you keep your heart and lungs fit. It offers all the benefits that a session at the gym does. Swimming regularly (at least 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week) is all you need to gain weight.

  1. It is a boon for people who want to lose weight

If along with being fit, you also want to lose weight, then swimming is the best way to do it. People who are obese and overweight find it difficult to exercise. Most exercise routines are high impact and can hurt the knees and joints. This is where swimming in the pool can be helpful. It is low impact and does not hurt the body. The water in the pool provides resistance when you swim which makes it better than exercises you do outside the pool. If you swim for half an hour, you can lose anywhere from 150 to 280 calories. This is an easy and enjoyable way to lose weight, you won’t even sweat since you are in the cool waters!

  1. Do full workouts in the pool

Just as you work out in a gym, a Yoga session, or a Zumba session you do the same in the pool. There is a wide range of exercises that you can do inside the swimming pool. Water aerobics is becoming popular. It is fun to do and easier when you do it inside the pool. It does not put pressure on your joints or on the heart and offers multiple health benefits. Some of the exercises you can do inside a swimming pool include:

  • Walking in water.
  • Arm lifts in water.
  • Leg kicks.
  • Dolphin kicks.
  • Back wall glide,
  • You can even do jumping jacks in the water.

All these exercises can be very helpful in being fit and in losing weight. You can add swim jets to your swimming pool to get the added benefit of resistance. You can swim against the jet. This helps you increase the level of difficulty of your exercise thus helping you lose more calories and be more fit.

  1. Be fit with your family and have fun

When you get a swimming pool installed, your entire family would be fit. Above all, it is free! You don’t have to pay fitness class fees for everyone. It is a good way for the family to spend quality time together and being fit. You can swim laps against each other. This allows you to have fun while being fit. This is particularly helpful for children who spend more time with devices and have less exercise.

  1. It helps you be stress-free

Stress is a killer and can affect you in many ways. Spend some time daily in the swimming pool and you will find yourself being relaxed. It is the most pleasurable way of reducing stress and enjoying life, while you remain fit.

  1. The health benefits are many

Swimming makes you fit and offer a range of benefits. These benefits are why you should swim regularly to be fit.

  • You can improve your strength and flexibility. This will help you when you age since your joints and muscles are strengthened.
  • Since swimming exercises the entire body, you can create a sleek appearance by swimming regularly. It can help you be trim and look good.
  • It is a cardio exercise good for the heart. It helps reduce blood pressure and is good for diabetes patients. It reduces the risk of stroke, heart disease, etc.
  • Swimming helps you build endurance, which is a must for professional athletes and sportspeople.

The best way to keep your new year’s resolution to be fit is to get a pool installed in your home. Thanks to the advent of fibreglass pools, it is now less expensive to get a pool done. Contact a fibreglass pools perth company or a contractor who can guide you on the process involved.

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