Pharmaceutical Industry and Pocket Drug Guide

However, in recent years, a growing concern has drawn attention to the link between healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical industry – in particular to the industry’s influence on prescribing and dispensing decisions through a variety of promotional tools that can influence treatment choices. This influence can lead to the insufficiently optimal choice of medication, sometimes to the detriment of the patient’s health.

This preliminary version of the guide is a first step in serving the interests of healthcare professionals and pharmacists in rethinking their central role as targets for drug marketing and to provide some insight into how this fits into the broader promotion context.

In short, no one can guarantee you the accuracy of the information found. In addition, a person tends to be biassed towards their own well-being. Due to anxiety during self-diagnosis and incomplete information, you may misinterpret certain symptoms.

The pocketdrugguide lists all possible causes of all possible diseases. But during the diagnosis, the specialist takes into account age, sex, medical history, test results, number, and quality of symptoms. That is, it analyzes the data based on a set of factors that we can forget during self-diagnosis.

You can not run to pharmacies in search of all the necessary goods, and find them and book on the site, and then pick them up at a convenient time at the nearest pharmacy near your home or on the way to work, saving your time and money. On this site you will also find reference information on medicines (instructions, analogs, defective batches of drugs, etc.), current data on the availability of medicines, and their prices in pharmacies.

However, keep in mind that it is safe to deal with pharmacy network sites that allow you to order medications and then buy them directly at the pharmacy. In fact, it is an analog of booking, which often gives a discount.

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